My Adventures and I


Traveling requires you to see and understand life in a different light. It opens new doors and opportunities that you never would have expected-something that I’ve certainly taken advantage of over the past few years. I have traveling within the US since I was very young with my parents as we tried to go to a new state ever summer. In 2009, I took my first trip abroad with my high school to China and since then I have found new ways and opportunities to go abroad and immerse myself in new cultures and communities. This blog is basically my travel diary, but feel free to look around and discover second-hand all that these wonderful places have to offer!


“Passing through Peru”-I studied abroad in Lima, Peru for the 2012-2013 school year. I attended the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Peru (PUCP) and while there studied mostly Peruvian history and culture. I stayed with a wonderful host family, traveled through Peru and made some stops in Ecuador and Colombia as well. I learned a lot about the Peruvian culture and lifestyle which you can also read about on this page.

“Teaching English”-I enjoyed Peru so much that I returned to Lima in 2014 (upon graduating) with the program AIESEC to teach English at the Universidad Cesar Vallejo. I was supposed to stay for one year, but had to cut my internship short for many reasons. Here you can read about trying to be a teacher in a Peruvian University and see the experiences I had as a ‘working’ individual abroad.

“Au Pair Espana”-In order to go abroad again and gain some insight into Spanish culture, I Au Paired for a wonderful family in Zaragoza, Spain. They have 2 girls, and at the time were 4 and 6 years old! I was to only speak to the girls in English so that they can learn the language and continue to use it in the summer when they weren’t at their bilingual school. With the parents and family friends I spoke in Spanish-which I learned is a very different Spanish from what I’m used to in South America!



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